Home Visiting

At Joyce, new families are welcomed into the community by being offered the opportunity to have an introductory home visit, which helps families and new students build a relationship with our staff in a comfortable setting. The goal is to lay a foundation for strong relationships to be built throughout a child’s time at Joyce. Home visits are an ongoing process, and appropriate resources will provided with follow-up visits as needed.

To support home visiting, donate here. To request a home visit or discuss partnerships, contact Karina.

If you require assistance outside of tuition assistance, please apply to our Family Support Fund here.

Community Partners

If you are a current or potential Joyce family, we invite you to explore who we partner with within the community. The following list of community partners consists of common organizations we are able to refer families to for a multitude of services and resources.

  • Legal Aid y Volunteer Lawyers network (For legal, immigration, & family law assistance)
  • Urban Ventures (For afterschool programs, classes for parents, and classes for pregnant women)
  • Way to Grow ECFE program (Early education classes)
  • CLUES (Therapy for families and children, free food distribution, & English classes)
  • Park Church (Free food distribution)
  • Early Childhood Education MPLS (Screening tests for children)
  • Thinksmall org. (Scholarships for early-childhood education)
  • COPAL, CLUES, Adult Education Center (citizenship classes)
  • Washburn Center, St. David’s center (Mental health help for children)
  • Aqui para ti org, Walk In counseling center (Therapy for adults)
  • Centro Tyrone Guzman (Classes for pregnant women & summer programs)

Other Involvement

Joyce has other ways for parents to be involved and explore learning at Joyce Preschool, including:

  • school tours
  • orientation, Welcome Days
  • classroom cultural celebrations
  • school-choice informational meetings
  • school-wide parent workshops in English and Spanish


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