Thressa Johnson

Luz Maria De La Lus

Fabiola Garcia Bernal

Thressa Johnson is the lead teacher for the Butterfly (3-5 year old) classroom. Thressa grew up in the United States, but she spent time teaching in Mexico! Thressa is passionate about teaching because she views children as whole, full human beings with such amazing ability to grow and learn and create. And because there is nowhere else with as much joy as a preschool classroom. She is grateful for the many meaningful connections she has been able to form through the community at Joyce and is looks forward to forming more.

Luz Maria De La Lus is the a.m. assistant teacher in the butterfly (3-5 year old) classroom. Luz Maria teaches because she believes children are our future and she loves working with families from different backgrounds while being able to expand multiculturalism and bilingualism within the community. Luz Maria values the flexible and welcoming nature at Joyce, and a fun fact about her is that she is adventurous and loves adrenaline!

Fabiola Garcia Bernal is the p.m. assistant teacher in the butterfly (3-5 year old) classroom. Fabiola is originally from Mexico and she is passionate about teaching because ever since she was a student, it was her dream to be a kindergarten teacher and to work with young children! Fabiola appreciates the family oriented and supportive community at Joyce and has fun being able to bring smiles to her coworker’s faces. Additionally, she is grateful to have opportunities for professional development within the organization.

Major Goals and Milestones

With the rollout of Reggio Emilia curriculum this year, the goal is to allow children to be the leaders of their learning with open ended learning plans.  Children will be encouraged to engage in play based exploration in areas that capture their interest. From here, teachers will be able to adjust the curriculum to the specific needs and interests of their students.

Mixed Age Classroom

Our mixed age classroom is designed to provide an extra opportunity for students to learn from one another. Younger children benefit from the influence and inspiration of the older children in the classroom, while the older children have the chance to take on more responsibility in and put into practice learning about how to treat others in community. For example, by using gentle hands and careful communication with their younger classmates who are still becoming comfortable with these concepts. Teachers in the mixed age classroom are aware of and responsive to the developmental stages represented in the class, and support students in working, learning, and playing together.

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