What Joyce Offers

Joyce Preschool offers dual immersion (Spanish-English) preschool classes for children ages 3 to 5, and provides scholarships based on need. We work toward preparing children for kindergarten and beyond. In each of our classes, children are given the opportunity each day to be an expert in their own language and learn from peer role models.

At Joyce, we have three age-based classes.  3-4 year old’s are in the Flower classroom, 3-5 year old’s are in the Butterfly classroom, and 4-5 year old’s are in the Sun classroom.

Programming and Curriculum

Joyce is proudly instituting programming inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy of curriculum adjusted to spotlight the unique cultures that make up Joyce. Our overall approach to curriculum focuses on the children as the directors of their learning and encourages open ended exploration of areas that spark interest. While this curriculum is implemented across all three classrooms, natural exploration means that teachers are able to tailor the curriculum to the needs and interests that arise in each respective classroom.

With an emphasis on kindergarten readiness for all students, coupled with a commitment to cultural celebration, Joyce focuses on social-emotional learning and fostering strong connections between students and teachers, with support plans and early interventions to break down barriers to success.

Our Classrooms

At Joyce we have three classrooms divided by ages served, in which teacher’s focus on positive reinforcement to ensure the social and emotional wellbeing of all students, and strive to make sure every student feels safe and comfortable to explore their learning.

Flower Classroom
Butterfly Classroom
Sun Classroom

Two-Way Immersion

Our two-way immersion program is structured around equal numbers of English- and Spanish-speaking children. Children have an immense capacity for second language acquisition and comprehension at a young age.

For Spanish-speaking students, Joyce understands the great benefits to supporting native language retention, as well as English acquisition to ensure school readiness.

For English-speaking students, there is a great academic and experiential benefit to introducing a second language.

Over half our teaching staff are native Spanish speakers. Equal numbers of Spanish and English-speaking teachers and students means that children are able to learn language from their teachers and from one another. Diverse cultural traditions are celebrated throughout the school year and parent participation in school events is encouraged. Joyce’s unique program allows families to build friendships across linguistic and cultural barriers.


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