Sandra Lepez

Arulai Mathes

Asucena Perla de Blanco

Sandra Lepez is the lead teacher for the Flower (3-4) year old classroom. Sandra is originally from Mexico in the state of Michoacan, but has been with us at Joyce for 13 years. Sandra teaches because she values early childhood education and views it as a right how that every student has the opportunity to experience preschool. What Sandra appreciates about Joyce is the cultural and linguistic aspect that make working here unique. She also loves to dance to all types of music, but her favorite is regional music from Mexico such as Mexican Band!

Arulai Mathes is the assistant teacher for the Flower (3-4) year old classroom. Arulai grew up in the United States and is new to us this year, having recently moved to Minneapolis from Pennsylvania! She enjoys working with kids and views teaching as a way to contribute to the world and a way to make a positive difference.

Asucena Perla is the lead PM teacher for the Flower (3-4) year old classroom. She was born and raised in El Salvador, and likes working in early education becasue it is a fundamental stage in children’s development. They are learning and acquiring many language and motor skills, as well as social abilities that will serve as a base for their whole life.

In her free time, she appreciates enjoying nature, listening to music and quality time with her family.

Major Goals and Milestones

With the rollout of Reggio Emilia curriculum this year, the goal is to allow children to be the leaders of their learning with open ended learning plans.  Children will be encouraged to engage in play based exploration in areas that capture their interest. From here, teachers will be able to adjust the curriculum to the specific needs and interests of their students.

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