Cristo Rey Partnership

Joyce Preschool has partnered with Cristo Rey High School, and are currently hosting 10 interns in our preschool classrooms. Our classrooms have already immensely benefitted from our interns presence. Our interns support the classrooms in many ways! Whether it is helping preschoolers throughout the day by welcoming them to school, reading them books, assisting at snack and lunch time, playing games, or giving encouragement and care, we have enjoyed seeing the younger students connect with young adult role models, and seeing these high school students step into role model positions.

Our Cristo Rey interns also have the opportunity to learn about patience, communication, and the importance of early childhood education, and observe how the children learn these skills by observing hands-on activities with the teachers. In addition to fostering learning by speaking in both English and Spanish, the students have been able to form great connections. The interns even call the preschoolers their “mini friends.”
We are very fortunate to have this partnership with Cristo Rey.

“I started off my day with going to say good morning to my supervisor Ms.Will. I headed to my classroom, the sunflower classroom…[The kids] took out their snacks and I was making sure to help them open their food and serve them water. I helped the teachers calm some kids that were out of control. Patience is key! The class was divided into 2 groups. One group went to the gym and the other group stayed back and read a book that was called fried bread. After that both groups switched. I grabbed the paper plates and gave one to every single student. They got fried bread! Today I made new bonds with a lot of people and I’m gaining confidence to talk to people who I don’t know. A lot of little kids remembered my name and I remembered theirs.”

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          -Cristo Rey Student, Freshman


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