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The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. Myth says you should follow the bee to discover your new destination.

We are so glad that you have chosen Joyce as your destination for 2019-2020. We embrace our beautiful blended community, celebrate each student’s unique brightness, and strive to elevate each individual’s personal power. This year, we will highlight all that it means to ‘Be Joyce’ with the bumble bee as our guide.

What is the “Be Joyce Campaign?”

Joyce funding comes from tuition, government support, grants, and individuals like you, but the cost of providing quality education, along with scholarships to more than 60% of students, exceeds what these revenue streams fund. Therefore, the Be Joyce Campaign was created to supply our annual fund which supports many of the pillars of a Joyce education. Joyce is asking each family with enrolled students at Joyce to make a monetary gift to the Be Joyce Campaign. Our goal is 100% participation from Joyce families. Each and every gift, regardless of size, is important, meaningful, and makes a difference for our children.

Make Your Gift Today


100% participation in the Be Joyce Campaign sends a message that we as a community are committed to our kids, we are committed to a diverse student body, and we are committed to living wages for our teachers.

We are blessed with such  generous families at Joyce and we are so appreciative of all these! Unfortunately, there are just some things that take dollars to fund such as teacher salaries, rent, licensing, and program supplies. 

Across the board (scholarship and full tuition students), there is a gap between tuition and the cost of education. We keep our tuition affordable so that it doesn’t make too big of a hit on the monthly budget and ask for this donation as a one time gift this school year.


Yes! Together, we can make a difference and fund teacher salaries, classroom supplies, and more to advance your students’ education. Plus, we will share with other funders that we have 100% participation from families as a way of highlighting our families’ commitment to Joyce in order to secure additional funding.

  1. Determine what your meaningful gift will be and join us in our goal of 100% family participation in the Be Joyce Campaign.
  2. Make a gift online or by dropping off/mailing in cash or checks to Joyce Preschool at 3400 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55407.
  3. Feel amazing that you have made a difference in the life of your child and the children in our community!

Contact Emily Halstead at  or 612.823.2447


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