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Joyce Preschool’s mission is to provide children from diverse ethnic, linguistic, and economic backgrounds with developmentally and culturally appropriate preparation for success in school and lifelong learning.

The preschool implements its mission through an innovative, two-way (Spanish-English) immersion program that successfully prepares children for kindergarten and school achievement while actively involving and strengthening their families.

Joyce maintains a balance of children from Spanish and English speaking families, which is crucial to addressing disparities in student achievement and successful development of literacy skills; the school’s vision is to become a recognized leader in offering two-way immersion and multicultural early childhood education, offering its model for replication to the local and regional community. Joyce continues to strive to offer scholarships and other support to ensure all applicants have equal access to early childhood programming. 

Joyce Preschool offers dual immersion (Spanish-English) preschool classes for children ages 3 to 5, and provides scholarships based on need. We work toward preparing children for kindergarten and beyond.

Our Park Avenue site has age-based classes. Younger children ages 3-4 are in one classroom, and older children ages 4-5 are in another. Our Windom & Hiawatha Academies sites have mixed-age classrooms. Children ages 3-5 all learn together, and are given the opportunity to be and learn from peer role models. 

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